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Note: To deposit euros on the COINZIX platform you must have your account verified. If you do not have verification done we attach a link here: https://blog.coinzix.com/how-to-verify-your-coinzix-account/

Step 1 

Log in to your COINZIX account.

Step 2 

Click on the “Wallet” button and search for the EUR currency.

Step 3 

Once you have found the EUR currency click on “Deposit”. A box will open in which you have to fill in the amount of euros you want to deposit. If you have checked and everything is OK click on the “Sent” button (the deposit fee is automatically calculated on top of the amount you enter).

Step 4 

Now you can see all the details you need to enter in the bank transfer, to be more specific: the amount, IBAN, bank address, bank name, customer name and the REFERENCE CODE, which must be entered in the bank transfer details. The amount sent to the platform must be the exact amount listed in the order.

If the code or amount does not match the money will be sent back to the sender.

The money must be sent from the same name you used when checking your account.

If by mistake you have pressed “OK” and have not managed to fill in all the details the transfer can be viewed in the “History” section and click on “Details”. In the “Details” section you can again view all the information about your order as well as its status. 

If you no longer wish to place the order you can click on the “Cancel” button and your order will be canceled.

Note: The duration of a bank transfer depends on the bank from which you transfer the money, not on the Coinzix platform. In general during working days a transfer takes a maximum of 24 hours. If you make the transfer on Friday and the money has not come in until the end of the day, probably your bank will process the payment only on Monday.

If you have any problems with your bank transfer, you can write us a ticket at: https://coinzix.com/submit-a-request 

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